Shipbuilder Benetti trusts Alconza with its new luxury mega yacht

lulea-vilja Alconza

The Basque enterprise has installed two propulsion motors in the vessel and has carried out the sea trials

Alconza adds a new professional success, this time with shipbuilder Benetti, with the installation of two propulsion motors, each of 2,900 Kw at 300RPM, for its latest project: the luxury mega yacht Lana-Benetti 277. Moreover, Alconza has also carried out the sea trials to deliver the vessel this summer in top operating condition.

The 107-metre yacht is the largest built to-date in Italy and it is equipped with every luxury, like a large swimming pool up on the deck, a spa with Turkish bath or a heliport. Nowadays, Benetti is the only private shipbuilder in Italy, and one of the few in the world, with the capability to build yachts larger than 80 metres of length. Indeed, in order to work with the best in the sector, the Italian shipbuilder decided to trust Alconza, a company with renowned prestige, to provide the two motors, connected directly to the propulsion line without needing to use reduction units. With its 3,800 tonnes, the vessel can reach 18.5 knots thanks to its propulsion system, which is a great achievement for a ship of its type.

Due to the most demanding standards delivered in this type of project, the propulsion motors sourced from Alconza meet all required specifications, like low noise emissions, both acoustical as well as structural.

No-one better than the professionals who design and manufacture the motors, to provide as well any maintenance requirements. Therefore, also in this occasion, Alconza’s technical team has been responsible for the sea trials along the coast of Livorno, city where Benetti has its facilities. For that purpose, they have registered all the operating parameters of the motors, including those with full load. Additionally, they have carried out the final adjustments to all monitoring systems associated to the motors.

This task represents a fundamental step in the setup and fine-tuning of any vessel, given this work offers total guarantee to the client of their propulsion system, one of the most critical parts in the operation of the ship.

In any case, Benetti knows that Alconza will respond to any requirement related to its motors in the fastest and most effective possible way, always with expert professionals in the matter. Once more, Alconza has earned the trust and satisfaction of a shipbuilder, this time joining in one of today’s most impressive luxury yachts. This drives them to continue to commit to quality products and services that will earn them this and future accolades.

Alconza, through its Customer Service, offers clients an integrated and flexible solution for all its range of generators and motors in the marine, hydroelectric and industrial sectors, providing technical support, maintenance and training during the full life cycle of its products.

Alconza’s Customer Service is a dynamic service that adapts to the clients’ needs, minimising stops, both during preventive, as well as during corrective maintenance. Comprised of a team of highly experienced qualified technicians, its objective is to achieve top customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of products and services, using the latest diagnostic systems and providing international and offshore support.

The specific maintenance programmes of Alconza’s Customer Service allows warranty conditions to be extended up to 60 months from the date of delivery of the product.