El Hierro: an island 100% energetically self-sufficient with 100% renewable sources


Gorona del Viento El Hierro S.A. has been the company responsible of the development and operation of the project "Hydro-wind power plant of El Hierro", thanks to which El Hierro will be the first electrically self-sufficient island using exclusively 100% renewable energy sources (wind and water). It is estimated that the annual savings in diesel will be about 2,000,000 €.

The power plant consists of three sections:

     a) Wind farm: it consists of 5 turbines of 2,3MW each, with adjustable blades for a better use of the wind potential.

     b) Hydroelectric substation: consists of 2 deposits (the superior of 380,000m3 and the inferior of 150,000m3), 4 speed regulated turbine groups with generators and flywheels of 2,825MW each manufactured by ALCONZA, and a pumping station of 6MW in total.

     c) Emergency station: in case the wind farm and the hydroelectric substation is not in use (due to the lack of wind and water, because of any technical failure or just due to maintenance works being developed in the system), the thermal power plant power of Llanos Blancos would function as it has been doing till the construction of the hydro-wind plant of El Hierro.

Esquema El Hierro


This pioneering project supported by national and international bodies could in the near future be extrapolated to other sites that wish to have a system of isolated system of generation.

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Wärtsilä inaugurates new electrical & automation laboratory in Norway to test their MV converter with Alconza’s tandem motors

Wärtsilä inaugurates in Stord (Norway) its new test centre for automatic & electronic devices. The new facility is one of the largest test centres in Europe devoted specifically to electrical and automation systems for marine and offshore applications.


Informative leaflets:

      • Wärtsilä Automation E&A Electrical & Automation Test Centre
      • Wärtsilä Automation E&A Testing & Training Facility in Stord

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Wärtsilä inaugurates new propulsion laboratory in Finland for propellers testing with Alconza’s motor and generator

Wärtsilä inaugurates a test centre in Tuusula (Finland) in collaboration with national and international research centers and universities to develop and test new products for marine propulsion. The new facility enables Wärtsilä to throw itself into mechanical power transmission components, durability, high quality and sustainability. The installation consists of 2MW thrusters, frequency converter with an electric motor and generator delivered by Alconza, a gearbox, hydraulic loading system and other auxiliary systems.

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Freight of the investigation ship Akademik Tryoshnikov

This ship, at the service of the Russian Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, is considered to be one of the leading ships in marine archaeology, logistics and investigation tasks. Alconza has delivered 3 generators and 4 motors for diesel-electrical generation and propulsion. For more details, see the references factsheet.

Russian ex-minister Dmitry Nedvedev was present at its inauguration.

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Freight of the oceanographic investigation for NERC

The C.N.P. Freire delivers one of the world's most modern oceanographic investigation ships, the RRS Discovery, flagship of NERC and which is planned to operate in the National Oceanographic Centre (NOC).

Alconza has delivered 4 propulsion motors for this ship.

Abstract in Marine Engineering magazine