Maersk Master: Vessel of the year 2018

Vessel of the year 2018


Maersk Supply Service ´s vessel Maersk Master has been awarded Vessel of the year at the annual Offshore Support Journal Conference in London.
She is equipped with two PTI propulsion motors (Power Take In), five thruster motors and powered by five medium speed main generators from Alconza Berango S.L providing high reliability, fuel economy and dynamic position class 2.

The challenge was to design and build customized motors and generators due to the special requirements of the project. The solution was to develop special design criteria concerning the structural aspect taking also into consideration the interface with the rest of the equipments inside the engine and thruster rooms.  

The vessels will support Quadrant Energy’s Phoenix South and Van Gogh drilling campaign, which will initially cover three wells for a duration of 150 to 200 days. This highly modern and efficient vessel will be supporting Transocean’s semisubmersible rig DD1 with supply and anchor handling duties throughout the campaign.


Maersk Master