A 3 million euro investment for the design, development and manufacture of electric motors


Alconza has created two motors of 230kW and 160 kW for Irizar Group vehicles


Alconza invested 3 million euros to design, develop and manufacture the new advanced technology engines to be installed in the different electric vehicles for the Irizar Group, their parent company. To be precise they have created two electric motors of 230 kW and 160kW for the ‘Irizar ie’ range.

The most powerful motors will be installed in the 18 metre ‘ie buses' and ‘ie tram’ articulated coaches, while the 160kw motors will be installed in buses up to 12 metres long. The ‘ie truck’ lorries will have two 230 KW motors mounted, one for propulsion and the other to generate energy to charge the batteries.

The technological development and mass production of the motors used a little over two-thirds of the investment. Alconza carried out the entire manufacturing process, including: sheet plate cutting and packing, rotor and stator assembly, automatic lines for stator stalling in the frame and rotor axle, likewise the laboratory means for equipment testing. The rest of the investment will be used to install automatic winding line which will significatively increase production.

Alconza has diversified their solution offer with regard to urban electro-mobility, likewise their sales in the naval sector have increased, a segment where they are climbing positions among hydroelectric generators of up to 50 MVA. Their sales policy has enabled a boosting of exports, with a portfolio of orders for countries like: France, Italy, Norway, Chile, Georgia, Vietnam and Indonesia, among others.

Furthermore, Alconza continues to strengthen their position as an electric motor manufacturer, thanks to their mastery of permanent magnet technology, which enables them to offer a wide range of solutions for the naval, hydroelectric and industrial sectors.

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