Alconza receives an eligible investment of over EUR 800,000 for technological development


The investment comes from the Entrepreneurial R&D Program “Hazitek”, led by the Basque Government

Alconza has won an eligible investment of EUR 826,483 within the Entrepreneurial R&D support program “Hazitek 2018”, led by the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Basque Government. This way, the Berango (Bizkaia) company continues boosting its technology innovation commitment, which has made them the benchmark in engines and propeller manufacturing in the sectors of marine off-shore, hydraulic and industrial generation, special uses and electro-mobility.

The fund is part of the eligible investment received by the Irizar Group, of which Alconza is part of, which has a global scope of EUR 6,956,000. This investment will contribute to deliver Irizar Group’s project “iPower 4.0”, which has the objective of generating the necessary knowledge to digitally transform their buses manufacturing processes and the development of new products and services to achieve their electric vehicles’ third generation.

The manufacturing of electric engines is precisely one of the activity pillars of Alconza. As of recent, Metropolitan Transportation of Barcelona has added to their fleet four “Irizar ie tram”-model articulated bus units with a 230 kW-electric engine designed and manufactured by Alconza. These engines are also used to run the 18-meter “Irizar ie bus” buses. Moreover, the company manufactures 160 kW engines for buses of up to 12 meters.

Innovation in electric propelling systems is one of the areas Alconza has identified to use the investment received by the “Hazitek” Program, as the company is already committed to finding more environmentally innovative and sustainable solutions in the area of propulsion.

Alconza’s commitment to new technologies was also recognised in the previous “Hazitek” Program funding round, obtaining EUR 443,360 for a competitive project called “Undersea”.

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