Alconza’s magnet motors for a cleaner world

lulea-vilja Alconza

Vilja, the world’s most powerful icebreaker tug of its size with hybrid-electric propulsion, has started its sea tests at the harbour of El Musel.

Built in Gondan (Asturias, Spain) following the design of Canadian manufacturer Robert Allan Ltd., the vessel is equipped with an innovative hybrid propulsion system that includes energy storing batteries, diesel main engines and two Alconza´s shaft generator/motors PTI/PTO that provide great operating flexibility, which translates into significant fuel, emissions and maintenance savings.

The tug will be sent to the Swedish port of Lulea, where it will carry out escorting, assistance, tugging and fire extinguishing tasks at the highest environmental standards, as classified by Lloyd’s Register.

The vessel boasts a hull structure that amply surpasses the Finnish-Swedish legal requirements and it has been designed to perform its tasks in water with constant presence of ice, being able to break a 1-metre layer at a 3-knot speed.

lulea-vilja Alconza

Alconza’s electric permanent magnet motors, each of 1200kW, are directly connected to the propulsion shaft line and are able to withstand the transmission torque of the diesel engines, successfully exceeding the incline requirements, as well as the additional forces affecting their bearings when holding the weight of the whole shaftline.

The Vilja tug, in which Alconza partakes, is the pilot project in the marine sector for Wartsila’s HY Hybrid System, where Alconza’s permanent magnet design and their improvement in size and efficiency are the core of the implemented solution. Among the improvements, the project includes a Green mode to operate in silence and with zero emissions, a Power Boost that provides more strength than any other tug of its size, as well as a smokeless operation work mode.

Vilja was delivered to the shipowner at the end of June 2019 with a team of Alconza’s Service experts on board that guaranteed the success of its start-up and sea tests. This project ultimately represents the company’s commitment to its customers in the marine sector, from design and manufacturing of engines and generators, to the maintenance and management of original parts of any of its products, contributing at the same time to protecting the environment with the designed solution.

Alconza, through its Customer Service, offers clients an integrated and flexible solution for all its range of generators and engines in the marine, hydroelectric and industrial sectors, providing technical support, maintenance and training during the full life cycle of its products.

Alconza’s Customer Service is a dynamic service that adapts to the clients’ needs, minimising stops, both during preventive, as well as during corrective maintenance. Comprised of a team of highly experienced qualified technicians, its objective is to achieve top customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of products and services, using the latest diagnostic systems and providing international and offshore support.

The specific maintenance programmes of Alconza’s Customer Service allows warranty conditions to be extended up to 60 months from the date of delivery of the product.