Alconza runs the maintenance of the Australian Navy ship that aided the victims of the recent bush fires

Alcnoza Adelaide

HMAS Adelaide is the largest ship in this Austral country

Alconza, from its Customer Service division, has been performing the last years the scheduled maintenance of the HMAS Adelaide ship, reinforcing the focus of the Basque company on the services sector, specifically in the Life Cycle Support of this type of ships.

HMAS Adelaide, the largest ship in the Navy, together with her twin HMAS Canberra, is part of the Canberra Class and used by the Australian Navy to assist victims in case of natural disasters and similar emergencies.

This way, Alconza, apart from being the referent in the marine sector for designing and manufacturing rotative electric machinery, is well positioned as a partner in the maintenance area, both reactive as well as preventive, like in this example with the Australian Navy project.

In fact, the ship that Alconza has performed this service a few months ago has taken active part in the victim support tasks recently carried out after the bush fires that have devastated large areas of the country, with more than 10 million hectares charred, the equivalent of the extension of the whole country of Hungary.

Alcnoza Adelaide

In particular, the HMAS Adelaide has transported up to 5 reconnaissance aircraft, as well as Army forces and food supplies to the areas isolated by the fires, demonstrating that, other than military missions, these amphibian ships have the capability to support the civil population in case of natural disasters and similar emergencies.

The ship has wide space in her hangars and a dock to stow containers with humanitarian help and civil protection equipment, as well as emergency and rescue kits. Also worth noting her modern sanitary facilities, including a fully equipped hospital.

Alconza as OEM supplied the main generators for both ships, as well as the thruster motors. The total power of the Alconza equipment installed on board exceeds 17 MW in each ship.

Alconza, through its Customer Service division, offers clients an integral and flexible solution for all their range of generators and motors in the marine, hydroelectric and industrial sectors, providing technical support, maintenance and training during the life cycle of its products.

Alconza’s Customer Service is a dynamic service that is tailored to the customer needs, minimising shutdowns during preventive as well as reactive service. With a team of highly experienced qualified engineers, its objective is to provide customer satisfaction and continuously improve products and services, by means of the latest diagnosis equipment and providing international and offshore coverage. The specific Customer Service maintenance programs of Alconza, enable customers to extend the warranty of their products up to 60 months from delivery.