Comprehensive policy

ALCONZA has established a business project with the objective of valuing our brand for its growth and generation of wealth in our local sphere.

ALCONZA's goal is to make sure that the quality of the products and services it offers are a faithful reflection of the expectations and demands of each client. It is also committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution as well as ensuring that the aforementioned tasks are carried out all while guaranteeing that the dangers and health and safety risks associated with doing so are eliminated, thus safeguarding the short and long term success of the company.  It is the result of the planned and systematic actions of prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement during all design, manufacturing and maintenance processes that it is able to do so. ALCONZA always complies with the requirements established by current regulations and other specific commitments relevant to our context.

It is a key challenge to achieve a high degree of satisfaction from our customers, being able to flexibly adapt to their needs, as well as to the legal and regulatory requirements among other things, which allows ALCONZA to provide quality, reliable products and services, which in turn allows us to gain customers’ loyalty.

The quality of ALCONZA’s products and services can only be achieved with the total involvement of ALCONZA's staff, who not only guarantee the future of the company, but also contribute to the improvement of communication and management, both of which are key factors in the development in the satisfaction both of the people that form part of ALCONZA, as well as of external collaborators. ALCONZA is also committed to having schemes in place to ensure the participation and consultation of its employees and ensuring the provision of safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and impairment of health. The aforementioned goals are specifically formulated to align with ALCONZA's purpose, size and context and the nature of its risks and opportunities.

ALCONZA guarantees the adequate maintenance of its equipment and infrastructure and the continuous training of its staff to offer product and services that are constantly evolving.

From the ALCONZA management, we would like to express our profound commitment to being part of the ALCONZA team, so that together we may work for Continuous Improvement in all our processes in the value chain while promoting innovation, both in products and in process, which contribute to the improvement of both the end result and the working environment in a participative and constructive space.

The Management undertakes to provide the necessary resources to comply with this Policy.

Berango, September 2019

General Manager of Alconza Berango SL